Learning Dutch II

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I am totally intrigued by the amusing book Atlas van de Nederlandse taal. It is saturated by very useful and interesting facts and data about the etymology of Dutch words. It compares many different Dutch dialects such as Vries and Vlaams and deformations like Afrikaans. The design, infographics, illustrations, and quotes are very apt and fascinating. Het Nederlands in feiten en cijfers is the best short description for this atlas.

Some of the questions the book starts with are:

  • Waar ter wereld spreken mensen Nederlands?
  • Wat betekent mijn familienaam?
  • Hoeveel dialecten bestaan er?
  • Waarom ergeren we ons zo aan dt-fouten?
  • Waarom ergeren veel mensen zich daaraan?
  • Hoe ontstaan nieuwe woorden?
  • Mag je je kind eigenlijk noemen zoals je wilt? Enzovoort. Where in the world do people speak Dutch? What does my family name mean? How many dialects do exist? Why are we so annoyed by dt errors? Why are many people annoyed by this? How do new words arise?, Can you name your child as you wish?

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