About Me

I am currently a research student in foundation of mathematics and theoretical computer science. My main research interests include categorical logic, type theory, topos theory, and more recently higher category theory. I am also interested in questions and issues of foundation such as predicativity, constructivism, and decidability.

With my advisor Steve Vickers we have been investigating some of the 2-categorical aspects of toposes from logical point of view. To know more I invite you to look at my research profile.

Prior to joining Birmingham I was in Western University in London Ontario where I did my masters in pure mathematics. I learnt logic and category theory from John Bell and differential geometry from Martin Pinsonnault. I was born in Iran and I have lived in Canada and UK.

Other interests

I am fond of remote places in nature, museums, hiking, and photography. I am an avid reader of philosophy and history of philosophical thoughts and enjoy discussing them any opportunity I find. In particular, among classics, I read Aristotle, Voltaire, Kant, Hegel, and among contemporaries Wittgenstein, Heidegger, Searle, and Foucault are closer to my taste.

Besides, I am very interested in learning more about philosophical and methodological developments in 19th and early 20th century mathematics in foundation and practice of mathematics. This includes but not limited to Dedekind’s foundational work in algebra and arithmetic, Klein’s Erlangen Program in geometry, Frege’s logicism, Husserl’s phenomenology of mathematical thinking, the Formalism project of Hilbert and the ensuing axiomatic (re)turn in mathematics, Brouwer’s intuitionism, Weyl’s predicativism and his mediation between intuitionism and formalism, and Cassirer’s structuralist account of mathematical knowledge. Read more here.

Ocassionally, I will write some of my thoughts on range of issues of philosphical nature on my blog. If you like to discuss those ideas further, I would appreciate if you leave your comments under the posts.