Mathematics for Computer Science (Spring 2016)

School of Computer Science, University of Birmingham, 2016

  • Introduction to Mathematics for Computer Science, Semester 2, 2016
    • Module Lecturer: Steve Vickers
    • Content:

      • Coordinate geometry: Equations of lines and circles; gradients.
      • Functions and their graphs: A very vivid way to describe functions and their properties.
      • Functions at large x: This aspect of functions is interesting in its own right, but also important for analysing the efficiency of computer algorithms.
      • Differential calculus: Rules for finding gradients. This lies right at the heart of mathematical applications.
      • Differential calculus continued.
      • Polynomials: Manipulating them, and something about finding their roots.
      • Trigonometry: Calculating with angles.
      • Complex numbers: What happens if you invent an "imaginary" square root of -1. The amazing idea that trigonometry is just imaginary exponentiation.
      • Integration: Finding areas - or the opposite of differentiation.
      • Simultaneous linear equations: Solving linear equations simultaneously.

    • Activities:
      • Joinlty running exercise classes