Team Project Module (Spring 2017)

School of Computer Science, University of Birmingham, 2017

  • Team Project, Semester 2, 2017
    • Module Lecturer: Ian Kenny
    • This year’s theme: Video Game Design in Java
    • Core features of the game:

      • Competitive play.Your game must allow players to compete.
      • Networking.Your game must allow multiple players to play across a network. The specific net-working arrangement depends on the type of game but, for example, you might create a client-server typearrangement in which multiple clients connect to a controlling server, or a server performing some otherservice.
      • Artificial Intelligence.Your game must have the option of computer-controlled players. These mightbe individual or team players, depending on the type of game.
      • User Interface.Your game must have a user interface, i.e. a convenient way for players to interactwith the game. This will almost certainly require a menu as a minimum but will more than likely alsorequire other interface entities such as dialog windows that have a range of controls, clickable icons, etc.The user interface will also include crucial feedback information for the player.

  • Activities:
    • Supervising projects
    • Helping students in the Lab on an individual basis
    • Meeting students in office hours